April 28, 2022

Why to link, embed or share YouTube video?

Linking, embedding or sharing YouTube video is SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing strategy which end point is to boost your organic (not forced) video views, but also build your channel reputation and growth in general.

When it’s done right, after some time, views will be coming from much more places then you can imagine. But let’s talk about some basic understanding of SEO first.

Why is SEO so important?

It’s not secret that search engines like Google and many others driving most visits to any web page or video. Remember, YouTube is also huge search engine itself. But when consumers searching for something they’re mostly visiting links found on first (or first 2-3) page of search results. Once you manage to rank your link (web page or video) so high to appear on first or second page of search results, then traffic is flowing like crazy, for as long you can keep that position, or even improve it.
This is only basic, so we won’t go deeper in this subject because it’s much more complicated and may confuse you. However, you can understand that ranking high on search result pages is essential for organic traffic to any link (or video) on internet.

Each search engine, and YouTube too, have it’s own algorithms to evaluate ranking of search results, so if you’re asking your self should you just share, backlink or embed your video elsewhere out of YouTube, i would say, DO IT ALL! Because each action have different effect on different search engine algorithm.

Share video on social networks

By sharing video on social networks, you’re gaining more views from your followers, but other than that, your video is also accumulating more “social signals” which are yet another important factor in all search engine algorithms. YouTube LOVE you if you spread the word about your video out of YouTube platform, because for each share of your video, you’re also building reputation to whole YouTube platform too, and their algorithm reward you for this action by giving your video higher rank in search results, but also making your video to appear as “suggested” or related video when people watching some other video on YouTube. More on this topic is explained in my video: How to get views on YouTube video 

Embed your video everywhere you can

Embedding video is similar to sharing your video, but you can share video only on social media platforms, while embedding can be done on any other web page. Difference is that you need to manually take video embed code and place it on some web page in order to watch video on that page. Other than that, evaluation, ranking and benefits from embedding video is almost same as for sharing your video (explained above), beside the factor that your video can be watched on any web page where embedding code is implemented.
Watch video “How To Embed A YouTube Video and Why it’s Important to Get More Traffic to Your YouTube“.

Why to link YouTube video(s)

Yeah, many people asking themselves why should i link to YouTube video, or why to link it if it’s already embedded?

Well, linking video from other websites is different algorithm value to your video and mostly affects video ranking on search engines like Google, while it have less effect on YouTube algorithm (but not unimportant).

It’s known that search engine(s) algorithm evaluate web pages and videos by its contents, but also by backlinks (links from other websites) to rank something higher in search results which should drive more traffic (views) to your video. So i suggest adding links to your video even if you embedded video on some web page, in order to bring SEO value to your video. Or add links even without embedding video.

How my services can help you?

My services offer wide range of SEO and social media marketing services with long time experience, as i am working (actively) as freelancer in this industry since 2012 and updating my knowledge all the time with new algorithms understanding, to provide You with the best possible outcome. All my works are 100% safe with search engines, YouTube, Adsense or any other aspect because i provide only white hat, organic (natural) services which comply with all current standards and policies.

When you can expect results?

Many customers asking me, when they can expect to see results of my work, so here is my honest explanation.

I provide all my services with all my experience used for every project. But results come up different for every work, because it depends on too many factors which are out of my control, and main factors are: video title, description and tags, previous SEO & SMM efforts on your video, and your competitors on YouTube and search engines. Less competition on your video niche makes your video rank higher and faster. While videos with large competition need more and (or) repeated work to see results sooner. That’s why it’s recommended to do search engine optimization, social media marketing and promotion more than once in a while. More you do it, more and faster results come up! And I also recommend to use SEO services for your channel in general, beside promoting single video(s). Watch also video published by Google employee: How long does SEO take for new pages?

To prepare your video(s) for good ranking, learn from this video how to title your video, how to write video description and importance of using right video tags! YouTube Video SEO And Video Ranking Tips To Rank FAST


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