May 8, 2022

How To Install Pleroma Or Misskey In Few Clicks

If you are not familiar with Ubuntu, Linux, Debian or working with “Comand line”, if you are not familiar with Docker, Github repositories or similar, you still can install your own, fully operational, server (instance) in few clicks without writing any commands manually! That’s what i have done yesterday and started my own social media site in 20-ish minutes and really few clicks. Installed Pleroma with Soapbox-FE design to mimic Twitter outlook because i was so familiar with Twitter for many years. Wish i recorded a video to convince you how easy it is if you try it this way as i did.

Before i done this, i was reading many different tutorials “How to install Pleroma“. Yes, most of them are simplicated and explained well even to total beginners, but there is still doesns of lines of commands to use and i didn’t know where or how. Still all this was looking complicated to me because i spent about 20 years on shared hostings by using cPanel and easy installations of or other scripts.

OK, if you want to install your own Pleroma or Misskey social media instance, let’s get to the point, process is same for both platforms. If i could do it, i believe you can too. But please remember that this tutorial is only the way i have done it my self. Or you can always ask for help in comments below.


To have your own Pleroma instance in any way, you will need following:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting

Domain name you can buy from any domain registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy.

For hosting you will need VPS server, but after considering many different hosting companies and comparing prices, features and everything else, i find out that Vultr Hosting would be best option for few reasons, but specially for reason that price is very affordable and i find a way to install Pleroma in few clicks on Vultr.

Pleroma (or Misskey) Installation Process


If you already have your domain name, then next step is to buy hosting. As i said i suggest Vultr Hosting because you will need it in next step too.

Receive $100 to your balance on Vultr hosting by signing up HERE. Please remember this is limited time offer by Vultr. If that link is not working for any reason, the sign up HERE. After signing up, you will need to fund your account with secure payment processors. You may use credit card, PayPal or few other options. You can start as low as $10 and top up your account as you need and when you need. You just need to monitor your account balance offten if you paying only small ammounts to make sure it’s active all the time.

After that is done, you not need to set up any servers or instances or operating system. You can simply jump to step 2.


Go to This is absolutelly FREE service! You may consider to make donation on that page, but you are not obligated. It’s up to you.

On that page you will see Vultr logo. Click on “Log in with Vultr” and automated process of installing Pleroma will start after you log in. You will be asked few simple questions by following few pages after logging in with Vultr. Process is really simple, BUT remember to not rush! Read instructions on every page because you will be explained how to set up your Vultr API (simple), how to set up your domain name DNS etc. On page 4, as you will be leaded trough the form, installation of Pleroma will start and you will need to wait about 10 minutes until it’s all done automatically. Then you will receive log in details for your Pleroma instance and you will be able to log in as admin and start using your instance.

Once again i reccomend to read every page and follow all instructions.

That’s it

You are done and connected to with your own Pleroma instance.

By looking back at your Vultr account you will note that step 2. created Ubuntu OS on your account which is needed for Pleroma. No fuss no muss.

If this helped you in any way, I would love to hear in comments below, and hey, let’s connect on fediverse, from your instance you can search for and follow me for more great stuff…

Good luck and have FUN


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