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YouTube Video Optimization And Ranking Tutorial

Are you YouTuber, interested to get as much organic video views as possible? This tutorial is right for you! From my long time experience i learned what is important steps to do in order to rank your vido high on YouTube search, Google search and other search engines.

First of all, why is ranking so important?

Well you probably would love to get many views on your YouTube video, so organic views from YouTube and Google search, as well as from related videos on YouTube sidebar is your BEST source to win huge audience and get views. For that, you must learn how to optimize your videos, before publishing and during publishing, also what is steps to do after publishing.

I explained it all in my two videos, so please watch! Instead of writing it all here again, you will probably even easier understand and see in examples how it should be done proper way and what is important steps.

In next video you will learn how to manipulate YouTube algorithm to get more views and what is essential steps to do after publishing video. Also there is some very popular YouTubers explaining some great tips from their experience.

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Happy vlogging…

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