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How to monetize Twitter account

Are you frequent Twitter user and looking to monetize your Twitter account? There is various ways to monetize Twitter account and get paid for tweeting if you have nice amount of audience, followers. The more real followers you have, more chance there is to earn more money, like many celebrities does.

Beside Twitter new announcement that they will be sharing revenue with their members which is available to US mebers only at the moment, you can also try some third party websites where many Twitter members already earning money for tweeting, retweeting or even commenting and liking tweets.

I have tried few different websites to do so, but so far, best performance and most money i made by selling sponsored tweets at Seoclerks, largest online marketplace for social media marketing and SEO services. For some members it looks like cheap option unlike you can see on other websites, but all together after you summarize, selling sponsored tweet for $1 to $10 at Seoclerks is still better then sell nothing priced $250 at Sure you can set your price higher if you have huge amount of followers and specially if your followers are very active in retweeting, liking and commenting your tweets.

Remember that buying fake Twitter followers doesn’t worth investing even small amount of money if you looking to monetize your account, because it’s easy recognizable by experienced marketing investors and will not help you at all.

To automate getting real people to follow you on twitter, use smart algorithm built in “Smart Twitter Follow / Unfollow Bot” and build your audience fast and effective, if you don’t have enough time to do it manually every day. This investment worth every penny! If you can’t afford that, you may try free follow exchange at

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