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Boost Local SEO By Building Local Relevance With Quality Content

You can build local relevance is by creating content, such as blog posts, around topics that are geo-relevant. It’s also important to ensure that you interlink between the content pages and the landing pages that you wish to rank. This is a strategy that we use at our SEO company for ranking clients that are having a hard time ranking locally even though they have a well optimized site, a great social presence and plenty of quality links (backlinks) pointing to their site.

As an example, I’m going to assume that the website that you want to rank is a gardening company based in London. The home page will be set up and optimized to rank for a term such as “Gardener in London”. What then needs to be done is to create more content that is geared towards adding more local relevance. So what we’d do is create a blog, with posts such as “Best Time to Plant Trees in London”, “Plants Native to London”, “The London Flower Show”, etc. We’d also add service specific pages that are also optimized to be locally focused, such as “Tree Surgeon in London”, “Lawn Care in London” and “Grass Cutting in London”.

Once these are all set up and are linking to the landing page it sends a very powerful signal to search engines.

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