April 30, 2022

How To Connect WordPress To Fediverse

Connect your blog to and automatically publish your posts to millions of people which using many different platforms as and many other…

What is Fediverse?

Just watch this short video with great explanation:

Connecting to Fediverse is actually very useful and easy.

Useful because you sending signal out that you published new post and without much further you can get many people to visit and read your post. Before we used to share our posts to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit etc… All separate, now in one shot you publish to all decentralized platforms connected in Fediverse and number of their members grow very much every single day.

To connect WordPress to Fediverse you need to install very simple plugin, “ActivityPub“. It will work out of the box without any special settings, shortcodes or anything else. However, you can use settings to adjust appearance of your post on Fedivers platforms.

Beside that your post will be published to Fediverse via this plugin will also create user / profil on Fediverse for every user / member of your WordPress blog who have cappability to publish posts on your blog. Perhaps you can search for my blog posts on any Fediverse instance be searching for abid@xabid.com then if you have account, you can follow my blog for example on

There is even more!

Anyone who see your post on Fediverse instances and comment on it, comment will also appear on your posted blog post (if you allow commenting at all) and you also can switch ON comments in Your WordPress admin panel to be manually approved if you wish, same as if visitors comment on your post within your blog.

And there is even more!

Once you have ActivityPub plugin installed, you can easy embed any post from Fediverse instances into your blog post by copy and paste only URL address of the post. That’s how i embedded video above from Peertube instance. And here below is post embedded from my own account.

I recommend you also to read: How to autopost from WordPress to Mastodon personal account.

Hope this was useful for you, so i would love to hear your comment on this.

Enjoy WordPress & Fediverse


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