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Printed books VS e-books

Here are five of the many reasons why, in my world, e-Books don’t stand a chance.

Connection: There is something about reading a physical book that fuses my mind with the story. Whenever I read ink on paper, I feel much more a part of the plot line than if I were scrolling through pages on a screen. For me, manually touching and turning the pages of a book are a must in making sure that I am fully engrossed and captivated by the words in front of me.

Smell: Fresh, yet musty smell that radiates from each and every page of a book is another reason I will never give up paperbacks. The sweet aroma triggers a nostalgic flood of emotions that bring back memories of a carefree childhood. It’s comforting, warm, de-stressing, and something I’d rather not live without.

Mark-ups: As a visual and tactile learner, I envelop many of my books in annotations, Post-its, and highlighter streaks. You are also sure to find inserted notes and folded corners within the sheets of my books to indicate pages that I want to come back to. And, while, in our generation, it is possible to artificially annotate and bookmark e-Books, it takes way more effort than simply jotting down a quick word or two with a pen.

Less distractions: Let’s face it, when reading books on laptops, phones, or tablets, it’s hard to ignore the new email alerts, or those text messages from your best friend. On a device that has access to Google, Facebook, and Snapchat, I’m not sure that I can trust myself with being 100% focused on the text I’m reading (pun intended).

Libraries: One of my favorite places to hang out, believe it or not, is the library. I love walking down the aisles, flipping through books and admiring their illustrations. Being surrounded by shelves of books and hundreds of bookworms engenders an amazingly tranquil feeling that, unfortunately, e-Libraries cannot provide.

Reading has always been an all-inclusive sensory experience for me. And I’m not just referring to the vivid battle scenes I can picture in my head, but to the soft crinkle of the pages turning, the velvety texture of the thick paper, and the all-too-comforting “smell of an old book” — sensations that electronic books simply cannot offer.

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