12 Million Backlinks And Pings For SEO And Search Engine Ranking

Massive 12 Million Backlinks is SUPER SEO PACK provided by professional SEO and social media marketing team leaded by Level X seller and social media influencer with over 15 years of experience will add Your link on 12 Million different blog posts on different domains, subdomains and PBN networks. All links will be pinged before we provide you FULL REPORT.

What kinds of links are acceptable?
Main Website (Personal, Commercial, Business, Brands or Startups) Inner Web Pages Sub-Domains Blog Posts Product Links Affiliate Links
Video Links Podcast (or) Audio Links Image (or) GIF Links PDF (or) Document URLs Google Map – GMap (or) GMB Links Referral (or) Affiliate URLs Tier 2 (or) Tier 3 Links Web 2.0 Links PBN Links Masked (or) Cloaked Links Shortened Links 301 (or) 302 Links Temporary (or) Permanent Redirect Links Social Media Posts Social Media Statuses Social Media Profile Pages
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Please note that this is not a ranking service but just a link building and distribution service, but most buyers notice nice boost on search engine ranking, depending on keyword competition.

This service is for only one link, for more please buy extras or additional services!


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