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Creo Popup Unlimited with Bootstrap 3.0

Creo Popup Unlimited with Bootstrap 3.0

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Creo Popup Unlimited with Bootstrap 3.0 is an amazingly simple Popup that enables you to turn Short Time visitors to Regular Subscribers. It uses most recent stable version of Bootstrap (3.3.6), the popular css/js design framework so that you can customize it any way you like. Website visitors usually visit from one page after another to find information important to them, if you can provide them with a chance to be connected to your website without coming back, that would help your business promotion rise tenfold.

Plugin Features

Unlimited* Custom Popup

You can create as many popup as you like, as Creo Popup provides custom post feature, so that you can create popups and save them as posts in your WordPress Database. Remember, only one popup is shown at a time as only one popup can be enabled (See Video Preview)

Bootstrap 3.0

Creo Popup Unlimited uses latest version of Bootstrap for complete responsive experience. Use your imagination and a little bit of css to resize your popup.

Codestar Framework

We used beautiful Codestar Framework for designing our dashboard. If you are lalready familiar with it. It will take seconds to create your First popup, if not, don’t worry, it will take minutes.

Fully Customizable

Creo Popup Unlimited Dashboard comes with three seperate settings:

  • Popup contents: In here you can edit your popup content, button link content, a wysiwyg for any kind of input you like.
  • Appearance: Set background image, font color, button color, paint your Popup in any color you like.
  • Popup Behavior: Set the time after the pop up will pop out, add never see again button etc.

Translation Ready, Customizable Code

Like any of our product, this plugin is fully translation ready, and coding conventions obey WordPress Code Management Policy.



  • Codestar Framework
  • Bootstrap 3.0


Version 1.0.0, January 3, 2016
[+] Initaial Release

Preview Buy Now $16

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