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[V 2.0] 5 Niche Related Backlinks and 5 PA20+ Blog Comments Daily TOTAL 10 links

[V 2.0] 5 Niche Related Backlinks and 5 PA20+ Blog Comments Daily TOTAL 10 links for $4

  • [V 2.0] 5 Niche Related Backlinks and 5 PA20+ Blog Comments Daily TOTAL 10 links


After serving 2000+ clients at seolads now we are happy and proud to introduce version 2.0 for our following service:


What is new in this?

  • Included high quality niche related backlinks.
  • More unique and new domains are added for PA20+ Blog Comment Backlinks.
  • Instead of 5 now providing 10 high quality backlinks with targeting your niche.
  • Tested and Verified after Penguin 2.0
  • Dedicated Customer Support Staff.


1- What type of niche links these are?
ANS: These high quality and targeted niche relevant blog comment backlinks.

2- What will be OBL for niche backlinks?
ANS: The avg OBL for niche backlinks is under 20.

3- How many total backlinks will i receive in daily report?
ANS: You will get 10 backlinks daily with bonus links.

4- Do you provide nofollow and dofollow mix?
ANS: Yes, after penguin 2.0 we have tested this V 2.0 with nofollow and dofllow mix backlinks, and we have added 5 nofollow links and 5 dofllow links, 50% dofollow and 50% nofollow links. 100% dofollow is no more valuable.

5- Will I get report of backlinks to check?
ANS: Yes, we do send daily reports.

6- What will be the PA of dofollow links?
ANS: We will provide you PA20+ Dofollow backlinks.

7- Is this actual page Page Authority or domain PR?
ANS: This is actual page PA.

8- For how many days you will provide 10 backlinks?
ANS: This is daily subscription based gig, each day you will get 10 backlinks until you unsubscribe.

9- Should I have to create new order daily?
ANS: NO, this is auto subscription gig, each day new order will be created automatically.

10- Should I have to send you you my keywords and urls daily?
ANS: NO, only once you have to provide us your keywords and urls and then we will use your details randomly on daily basis.

11- How many keywords and urls do you accept per order?
ANS: You can provide any number of urls and keywords.

12- Can I provide two different niche website urls in one order?
ANS: NO, in one order you can only provide any number of urls in same niche.

13- Do you allow inner pages of a website?
ANS: Yes, you can provide inner pages too.

14- What niche do you accept?
ANS: We do accept all niche except adult, porn, gambling and all other illegal activity.

15 – I have too many backlinks now, how can i unsubscribe?
ANS: AT SEOLads sellers have no option to cancel susbcription, you have to cancel your subscription from your PAYAPL, here is the step be step guide:

16- What is the best time to contact you?
ANS: We are available for customer support and after sales services from 10 AM to 9 PM GMT +5 (PST) from Saturday to Thursday.

If you have any question or suggestion feel free to contact us.

Thank You

  • rachid2012

    can you do this for a video in YT not a website link

    4 years ago


    Yes, we can do it to video links.

    4 years ago


    This is daily subscription based gig, you can pnly pay by PAY-PAL.

    4 years ago

  • azizj

    do I get daily report?

    3 years ago


    yes, you will get online google doc link to track your order. The document will update daily.

    3 years ago

  • Cyeber

    Can I pay for 5 days in 1 payment? So I pay just $15 for 5 days.

    3 years ago


    yes you can, for more details send us PM.

    3 years ago

  • fontos

    I’d be interested in 10 backlinks. Do you also have pages that are hosted in Europe? Can you send me the URLs where the links are set? (Examples) I look forward to you / hear you

    3 years ago


    send us PM for more details.

    3 years ago

  • gabyvoicu

    you can create articles in English to give them spin then post them in Romanian?

    3 years ago


    This is bog comment service, no need of articles. We can put your link at Romanian pages.

    3 years ago

  • adnanmalik04

    Is there any option for non Paypal users to get this service e.g through Payza?

    2 years ago

  • Neptun

    Can you please show some samles?

    2 years ago

  • mseo

    may i check samples for travel niche?

    10 months ago

  • Principal

    may i check samples for your health niche?

    9 months ago

  • donorbox1

    can you please share the samples?
    I am looking for charities and non profit industry.

    3 months ago


    pm sent, please check.

    3 months ago

  • ychrisp

    Please share the samples also, thanks

    22 days ago

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