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Smart Follow / Unfollow Bot for $44

Need real Twitter followers? Real people to follow you? Followers who will interact with you every day?
I developed perfect solution, software for every Twitter marketer who looking for a lot of real followers!

Smart Twitter Follow / Unfollow Bot

Yes, this bot is smart enough to get you a lot of REAL people to follow you. I build it with my long experience in Twitter marketing and after using many techniques manually to get real audience, not it’s time to automate this process, seat back and watch how your number of real followers rising up after only few clicks you make.

How this bot operate?
You log in to your Twitter account with the bot, find some Twitter user with nice number of followers and enter his username in bot. Bot then start looking trough list of his followers (or friends). When it find someone with good following back rate by using special mathematics calculations, your account is following this user automatically because it’s most probable that he will follow you back very soon.

This bot also can follow back people who following you, you just need to choose that command and click start, so you can reciprocate (follow back) your followers without manual work.

You can also use this bot to unfollow people who not following you, so your account would always be nice, clean and keep only real active people on your list of followers or friends.

List of functions this bot do:

  • Follow someone’s followers
  • Follow someone’s friends
  • Follow back your followers (which is not followed by you already)
  • Unfollow people who not following you back

Why is it SMART BOT?
It automatically calculate number of followers vs number of friends (as you set up) and determine if user valuable to be followed by you.
Example: If user xyz have 1000 follwoers and 5 friends, it’s not worth following and bot checking next user, but if user have 1000 followers and 920 (or 1654) friends, then its most probable he / she will follow you back too, so bot follow and go to check next user. After few days or weeks, you can use unfollow function to unfollow all users who didn’t follow you back, so you keep your account in top shape

After many years, i experienced that this is BEST technique to use when you want real active followers. You can applay same technique and do it manually but it takes ages to get few thousands of good and real followers, while you can do it in days with this bot 😉

You can use this bot for unlimited number of Twitter accounts. It work fast and i tested it (on Windows 7) for some time with no problems. You can follow / unfollow unlimited number of people, but you must care about Twitter limitations to keep your account safe from banning.

After purchase you will receive following:

  • Smart Twitter Follow Unfollow Bot (EXE file software – Instant download)
  • Within few hours you will receive your license key
  • PDF user manual with instructions how to use for best performance and how to keep safe your account
  • FREE lifetime updates of this bot (i have more features coming soon)
  • FREE lifetime support via my website or email.

They will never retweet you. They will never read your tweets. They will never buy anything from you!


Automatic Twitter Marketing Bot

I am original developer of this software and i hold all copyrights. I am NOT responsible for security of your Twitter accounts. Use this bot at your own risk and only risk is if you overusing this bot capabilities and breaking Twitter rules.
Further distributing and reselling of this software is not allowed without my permission!

Update Log:
v1.1 – 16.10.2015
– Small log in bug fixed

v1.2 – 08.01.2016
– Fixed small bug in following. Needed to slow down a bot to avoid Twitter’s error “Too many attempts”.

v1.3 – 10.04.2016
– Fixed small logging in problem for PVA accounts. Added field to fill in emali address of Twitter account if verifying is needed while logging in.

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    Do you have facebook anything too?
    You may recommend that you do this service

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  • jornal

    Hello Friend

    I want to know if you can lower it, or decrease the value because this expensive cd package … or Sofiterawre

    How can we reduce the price so that we can buy your product?

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    i see multiple ads and im assuming one bot does it all right? it can do everything like the retweets and likes based on the number of alt accts etc etc? or are there multiple bots?

    3 months ago

  • anwebservices

    There is different bots, have look in my store

    3 months ago

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