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Premium Press Release with Guaranteed Google News. Over 400+ Distribution for $147

Get Your Business listed on Google News, with our Premium Press Release Service; Excellent for SEO and a MUST for New Websites!

Hey! Barry here with something new for 2017!

So we’ve finally teamed up with a very well known Press release distribution service, and after testing (with
excellent results), I’m now able to offer this premium level service to you, at a huge discounted price (for a limited time)

So How Exactly do Press Releases Help With SEO and My Website?

This service is great for “pillow links”, which give your site a natural back-link profile. This then allows you to build other types of links more aggressively, with exact match anchors.
(I recommend using branded anchor texts for your press releases)

Why Choose Us for Press Releases?

Press releases can be very hard to get accepted, but with our team, you’ll get a high quality press release written in-house, and once accepted, we distribute it to over 400+ quality press release distribution websites.

Is This Service for Me?

If you have never built backlinks to your website with press releases, then you’re taking a big risk. In the eyes of Google, press releases tells Google that your site is legitimate, and worthy of their search engine. It also allows you to build links from other, more juicy sources (like PBNS), without raising any red flags!

Will I See the Press Release Before Distribution?

Yes. We also make sure that you’re 100% happy with the content before distribution to our network of websites. We will provide you with the written piece, and once approved, we start the process of distrubuting to over 400 websites.

Is my Website Safe with this Service?

Absolutely. Press releases are an excellent way to build natural looking backlinks, and “pillow out” your back-link profile so you can safely build other links and rank in a shorter amount of time.

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee that your press release will be published on at least 400 websites. However, you must be patient, as this is not an over-night process. Once we submit the press release for submission, it is then up to the webmasters to publish your press release. You should start seeing new backlinks coming in within a week after you approve
the content.

Do I get report?

Yes. Once we have distributed the press releases, you will receive a complete report within 7 to 10 days.

What do I need to order?

On the inside, is a set of requirements we need from you. One important thing that we need is your keywords. I personally recommend using brand anchor and naked URL’s for press releases, as this keeps things looking completely natural and legit.

So Place Your Order Below or at the Top Left, and Let’s get you started!

P.S. This is an introductory price which we limit to 5 people while we get things started.
If you’re unsure of anything, just get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks

  • Babbar86

    Can you please share any example demo or work you complete in this
    or list on where you post
    and what the possibilities these sites having good rank in Google n Alexa to be rank on given name or keyword on 1st, 2nd or 3rd page.

    6 months ago

  • BarryinSiam

    sure. I’ll send you a sample once I’m back at the office tomorrow.

    5 months ago

  • redlion

    Are you still in business? My order is two weeks late and I haven’t received a response to the last two messages that I sent.

    4 months ago

  • redlion

    My order for “Premium Press Release with Guaranteed Google News. Over 400+ Distribution for $147” was placed five weeks ago and the job should have been completed 4+ weeks ago. On May 10th, your message indicated that you’d provide me with a draft of the press release to review “in the next couple of days” but I still haven’t received the draft. Also, I did not receive a reply to the last four messages that I sent you on May 15, 21, 29, 30. What’s the status of my order?

    4 months ago

  • asrteam

    Iam Anirudh Sethi
    Having a listed company

    ALEXANDER Stamps and Coins Ltd at BSE
    India’s first philately and Numismatic company
    Traded at BSE.
    We deal in stamps and coins ,Auction we do and collector of Historical Newspapers.

    Collecting stamps and Investing since 20 years or more.

    Investment in stamps and coins and Historical Newspapers ,Historical photographs are mode of Alternative Investment.

    Company soon will get listed in Germany and ready to buy International Philatelic company any where in world.

    Anirudh Sethi resides in Baroda ,Having one of the largest collection of Gandhi Original Photographs and Historical Newspapers-Largest in Asia.

    Now this will be the Press release or article u have to flash.

    We have 3 websites :


    Now u have to focus on ANIRUDH SETHI -Just get this name highlighted when u publish.

    How much it will cost ,name ANIRUDH SETHI is must must must

    Tell me cost and will it come in google NEWS ?

    Will pay u money what u like

    Waiting for your reply !

    25 days ago

Premium Press Release with Guaranteed Google News. Over 400+ Distribution is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 2 user reviews.
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