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Post your website/messages to Google+ Communities for 1 Week

Post your website/messages to Google+ Communities for 1 Week for $10

  • Post your website/messages to Google+ Communities for 1 Week

You know, Google+ gets slated, everyone asks, what happened to Google+? Well it might not be the top social networking site of them all, but it’s still one of the top ones and my first go-to site to promote and SEO anything! It’s still one of the best social networking sites to get traffic from today. As well as for building brand awareness, growth hacking. prospect hunting, gaining clients and sales & more!

Especially so in Google+ communities. Some of which have many thousands of followers in them. Millions when you add up all the users in all the communities. And in this service, we will be taking advantage of all those followers and what the communities have to offer. We’ll actively post your links/messages/images/videos etc every day, twice a day, for 5 straight days!

Google+ Community posting works but..
Posting to Google+ communities can be very, very addictive! When you see the traffic you get from those communities from your posts, from just posting to a bunch of them once, it can be tempting to want to do it all the time. But not everyone has the time to do that every day! That’s where we come in.. We will actively post your website, video with promotional messages to the biggest Google+ communities in YOUR niche every day, twice a day, for 5 days straight. That’s because you will get a much, much better response from it.

Consistency Works Best
Like with any kind of social media promotion, it works best when done consistently. You can’t just post to 50 groups or communities only once all in one day and expect to be a fortune500 company over night. It don’t work like that! While you might get a burst of traffic that trickles out for a while, when you post consistently and regularly every day, people are seeing that website/message/image/video whatever, every day. Meaning more people that never clicked on it the first time round are more likely to when they keep seeing it appear in the community every day.

Especially when… it’s posted by different people using different messages, images etc. Especially when it’s done in the way we do it! We are professional social media marketing experts and we will create catchy, appealing messages that your targeted audience will relate to. We use #hashtags and powerful CTA’s (Call To Actions) and subliminal advertising… Okay, you got me! We don’t use subliminal advertising.

What we do and how it works

  • Just place your order and give us your URL and some keywords.
  • You can give us a message to post with it or we can create something for you.
  • Tell us what you want promoted and we’ll come up with the best angle to take with it.
  • We’ll then immediately start posting to Google+ for you for the next 5 days.

What do you get?

10 Google+ community posts per day.
Every day for 5 days straight.
Total: 50 Google+ community posts.

It couldn’t be any more simpler and effective!

We’ll post to 10 Google+ communities in your niche every day.
We’ll post 5 in the AM and 5 in the PM times.
We’ll create a total of 50 Google+ community posts.
We may post to some of the same communities several times.
We’ll use different messages, images, videos etc where possible.
We’ll give you all of the URL links to the actual posts we made.

Features of our Google+ community posting service

  • Great for growth hacking, building social media/Internet presence and brand awareness.
  • Drives quality targeted traffic to your website from people actually interested in it.
  • Builds high PR, high authority Google social media backlinks from Google itself.
  • All Google+ community posts count as a signal as well as any +1’s and comments they get.
  • All posts will be permanent and last forever and go on to mature and be powerful.
  • Builds trust and authority to your site online just through the act of it alone.
  • Can be purchased over and over again for weeks on end which can really be something!

Let IdealMike’s team of pro SMM experts handle your Google+ marketing for only $10.

50 Google+ Community posts spread out over 5 days for only $10!

Who else is in?

Are you clear what you’re getting? Do you have any questions?
Contact me or leave a response/question below in the comments section.

If not, what are you waiting for?

Just place your order now and feel the power of Google+ on your website!

  • galib

    Hello Mike
    after order this service what you need from me?
    I have a Google+ account against my website you use existing account, or you create new one
    let me clear pls

    24 days ago

  • idealmike

    Hi G the link/website or whatever it is you want to promote on them. It can be one of your website posts, your website URL, blog URL, affiliate link etc or a Google+ post or account. And some kind of promotional message to post with it, maybe a couple #hashtags? Or we can do that for you no worries! Cheers!


    24 days ago

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