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Permanent 5 PBN Links - DA 20+ and TF 20+

Permanent 5 PBN Links – DA 20+ and TF 20+ for $25

If you would like to improve the page authority of your website, you should focus on key factors…. High quality backlinks to your website will give a facelift to your website’s popularity. To create backlinks, you should search for high-quality and relevant blogs. It is a challenging task. We simplify this process for you. As we manage connections with hundreds of reliable and authority blogs, we will help you achieve the unattainable task very easily! You will no more go through the trial and error method. We assure 100% results by creating powerful backlinks.


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Hands FREE PBN Building Service – TF15+, DA15+ and One Year FREE Hosting for $104
20 PR9 + 20 .EDU – .GOV Authority Backlinks for $10
10 Web2.0 Buffer with Login & 5,000 Tier2 Link Juice for $10Tier2 Link Juice for $10


We offer various kinds of packages. For example, you can go for a package in which 5 to 250 blog posts are created and posted on DA 20+ blogs.
A backlink will be created for $4.5. Links are created with a unique blog. Blog posts of unique content, right flow, and call for action will be prepared by our experts.


  • All our domains have average of TF 20+, we repeat it is TF 20+
  • We have DA 20+ sites only
  • I have seen people who trust only TF and don’t care about CF. Its not about metric, believe me guys, it’s about the ratio of TF and CF. Our PBN have a ratio of .80, which is perfect.
  • All our Domains are manually vetted against for SPAM.
  • All our Blog will look and ready naturally to pass manual verification


As per market estimation, one blog post costs you around $45. You might wonder how we are managing the link for just around $4.5. Well! There is a small trick here! We spin the content to produce unique content. After modifications, it will appear similar to a blog post created by a seasoned professional. Each and every post will be read and verified by a human being. Hence, there will not be any scope of errors in terms of sentence formation, flow, grammar, and spellings. Each blog post will bring a lot of natural link juice. There will not be any spam links!
We are not focused on big profits. We have helped many clients to increase page rank very successfully.


Is this a one time fee?
Yes, this is a one-time fee and these links are permanent.
Can I get samples?
Yes, message me to get sample links.
Do you accept foreign language keywords/website?
Yes, we do – although your content will be in English.
How long to process the order?
Minimum of 10 days drip feed is mandatory.
How many URL and keywords are allowed?
You should know the ratio of keywords for better ranking. If your first priority is not ranking and doing it just for diversity, we suggest you use unlimited URL and keywords.
Do you guarantee result with a money-back guarantee?
I wanted to make this section extremely clear. We are selling links here. We are not selling guarantees that you will hit #1. SEO should be treated as an investment. Whilst we want it to work out for you, you need o realize that sometimes it doesn’t always go that way.
And nope, there are no refunds once we begin your order and links are placed.

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