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All In One Full Spectrum Social Media Marketing Service

All In One Social Media Marketing Service for $25

  • All In One Social Media Marketing Service

I’ve been providing social media marketing services for a long time now. But mostly for YouTube video promotion. And most of my popular YouTube promotion services give you a certain amount of posts across multiple social media sites. So we thought, why not just provide people with the same great all in one social media marketing service but for anything for any website or affiliate product they want to promote?

And so we’ve created this all-in-one social media marketing service!

After all, we all know how social media marketing can be effective at building brand awareness & driving traffic & sales. But it can be time consuming and a bit boring let’s face it! That’s where we come in! We will post your message and or links to all the biggest social media sites, pages, groups and communities that have the most amounts of users in them. Then deliver all of the posts links to you within the delivery time.

What we do and what you get in this service:

  • 20 Big Community page posts
  • 100 Big social group posts
  • 50 Google Plus community posts
  • 10 Big Pinterest Community Board Pins
  • 25 Social bookmark submissions
  • 1000 mixed social signals

That’s about 200 high quality social media backlinks and 1000 social signals!

Let me break that down for you..

  • 20 Big Community page postsWe will post to the biggest social community pages that are related to your niche. We actively search them out and post to them for you. Some of these have many thousands of users/fans in them.
  • 100 Big social group postsWe will post to the biggest social groups that have literally millions of users combined in them. These are groups that allow us to post anything in promotional format.
  • 50 Google Plus community postsWe will post to 50, yes 50 big Google+ communities for you. Most of which will also be related to your niche. These will be communities that fit what it is you want to promote. We search out and join them based on your niche.
  • 10 Big Pinterest Community Board PinsWe will pin your website or anything to our VERY BIG and VERY exclusive Pinterest Community boards (you can’t buy these anywhere else).
  • 25 Social Bookmark SubmissionsWe will manually bookmark your site or link or anything to the top 25 high authority social bookmarking sites.
  • 1000 Mixed Social SignalsWe’ll add 1000 mixed social signals to your website or any URL you want. Made up of shares, tweets/retweets, pins/repins etc etc. These go hand-in-hand with SMM work like this.

Benefits of this SMM Service

  • Builds trust and authority to your website/business.
  • Increases ranking of your website in the SERPs.
  • Drives real qualified traffic to your site.
  • Creates publicity and builds brand awareness.
  • Perfect for growth hacking and brand building.
  • Increases in effectiveness the more times you do it!

The price? We’ll do all of this for you for only $25!

Just $25 Mike is that right? Yes sir! We don’t over charge people for this work. It’s priced for people on a shoe-string budget to buy it over and over again as often as you want and need to!

Questions and Answers

  • How Long Does it Take to Complete?We’ll complete all of your work within a couple of days. And when we’re done we’ll send you a full report of all the links.
  • How Much Traffic / Sales Will I Get?That’s something we can’t tell you. We don’t know what you want to promote yet let alone if people are interested in and looking for it. It’s all random. But you should get some publicity and clicks from it. We just can’t give you an exact amount.
  • Can I Promote My Affiliate LinksAbsolutely. We don’t really have any restrictions unless it’s illegal. Message me first of you’re unsure.
  • Is There A Guarantee?We can’t guarantee anything other than to do the advertised work for you.

For any more questions just send me a quick message.

There’s not much else to know. It is what it is.

We do what’s advertised for you here. And we do a good job of it, every time!

So just place your order now, tell us what to promote and we’ll do the work for you right away!

When we’re completed we’ll deliver it to you with a full report.

That’s it! 100% pure white hat safe and effective social media marketing!

You can’t buy this much social media marketing for this price elsewhere!

So what are you waiting for?

Place your order and let’s get you noticed!

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