How to monetize Twitter account

monetize twitter with sponsored tweets

Are you frequent Twitter user and looking to monetize your Twitter account? There is various ways to monetize Twitter account and get paid for tweeting if you have nice amount of audience, followers. The more real followers you have, more chance there is to earn more money, like many celebrities does. Beside Twitter new announcement that they will be sharing …

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Tips And Advice: How To Write A Successful Blog

I have been blogging for more than 14 years ago since i started my first website, BiH Link and a lot has changed over the years. At the time there was some blogs, there was no Twitter or Facebook, and the only way people could subscribe to a blog has RSS or e-mail newsletters. The bloggers kept blog rolls and …

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How To Use YouTube For Business And Make Money

This short video will give you idea to learn how to turn publishing your videos into online business. Video shows following: – YouTube statistics – How to customize your YouTube channel – 5 ways to use YouTube – What works best on YouTube – What content to share on YouTube – Lead generation

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